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Terranova Project - About

TerraNova - An SVG/Perl Game System

TerraNova is a system for creating SVG-based client/server strategic games using Perl. The system is intended for small to moderate numbers of players (on the order of a dozen). It's API's and data schemas are designed with strategic gaming in mind (such as Civilization, wargames, Starcraft, and the like.)

The motivating principle of this project is to experiment with use of SVG, XUL, and Perl for making client/server games. Creating an actual game from this technology is a secondary (although important) objective.

More information about the technologies and motivations of this project can be found on the technology pages.
The project will consist of a client and server written in Perl to allow networked, multi-player games. The graphics will be in SVG format.
The TerraNova project is covered by the GNU GPL.

Development Status

Everything is still in a design phase but there is already some preliminary code in CVS. The Battleplan contains more information as well as the TerraNova Sourceforge pages.

Terranova Project - Last update: Mar 31 2003