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Terranova Project - News

Check out the Battleplan for detailed information of where we are and where we're going.

Apr 10 2003

I put Sproose, the C++ client in CVS together with libsdlsvg, which is a stripped down librsvg. It will eventually render in SDL. --Johan

Apr 6 2003

Implemented a Game::World perl module for the server that returns a game map in the Version 0.0.0 client-server protocol when 'map' is given to the server. Note that support for parsing commands in this protocol is not yet implemented. --bryce

Apr 6 2003

I added a documentation page and a functional specification for the client. I'm working on the technical specification of XML-TN, an XML client-server protocol for Terranova. Version 0.0.0 is finished. Meanwhile, I've started work on a C++ client and found an implementation for a resource manager using handles. I'll probably add reference counting with smart pointers (this client uses SDL and libxml for now.) -- Johan

Mar 31 2003

Improved site design and added some pages. -- Johan

Mar 22 2003

I've added a perl module Games::Store to implement a basic storefront (I was inspired by Ularn). Doesn't do much right now and I'm not 100% sure what we'd use it for in TN but I'm sure it'll find a place to get used. ;-) I want to integrate it with Games::Object (or perhaps Games::Entity) such that one can buy or sell *any* game object that adheres to that interface. -- Bryce

Feb 7 2003

First client (nocker) and server (moose) modules in CVS.

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